Musiometry (MM)

MA&A - Musical Acumen & Ability

Musical Acumen is the measure of sensitiveness towards variations in the four core musical parameters namely Pitch (Sruti), Scale (Raga), Rhythm (Laya) and Rendition (Bhava).

Musical Ability is the skill or the potential to render a song vocally or through an instrument and analyze a musical composition and notate.

Musiometry is a qualitative assessment of MA&A in Indian Classical Music (Currently developed for Carnatic Music) based on the AIM syllabus and the MM is conducted for each level of AIM program.

Musiometry is an automated series of timed multiple choice Multimedia questions with different answering formats such as multiple selection, Radio selection or Manual typing with a bank of audio / video clippings to test aural and vocal proficiency . All Musiometry questions address a set of learning objectives* that requires musical competence and training to answer.

AIM: Accelerated Indian Music is a unique training program developed to crack the Musiometry assessment.

The AIM Levels and the corresponding Certification is given below.